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Custom Lace Frontal Wigs

These wigs are manufactured made then customized by Bundles of Assets-Anointed. Knots are bleached when needed, frontal portions are plucked to style, coloring by bleach, dye, or rinse. Wigs may also be cut and curled to style. 

Matte Lipstick

These long lasting popping colors are to BUY FOR!

3D Mink Lashes

Have you ever gotten dressed, styled your hair, then looked in the mirror and said, "hmmm somethings missing?" Well we have you covered! Our 100% Mink Fur "NO PLASTIC" Lashes are here to save the day!

5D (25MM) Mink Lashes

No Sweetie you're not dramatic! Your Bold! Dive into our 5D collection where Fullness is Everything!


Have you every seen Bonnets look so Luxurious? With these there is more than meets the eye! Comfortable elastic band, silk lining, reversible, & rooming for almost size style!

Synthetic Wigs

Every Girl needs a quick throw on!

Hunni! This is it! Need help melting some inches??? Well slide these on & sweat!

Women's Sunglasses

Check out our UV Protected Sunglass collection. With many Styles and Colors you are sure find your look!

Wig Hats

OMGOSH!!! I have 0 time to style my hair!!! Love, Keep Calm... Grab that wig hat & walk out the door!


Free Lash Brush with the purchase of your Minks.